Discover and see the Bible coming alive!
Tours to Israel, Jordan, Turkey & Greece available.


If you are looking for something that is different or perhaps goes off the beaten track, we will help you create the unique experience you want.


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“It was a very enriching trip although very tight schedule. Omega Tours was very helpful and gave us a thorough pre-trip briefing.” – Keng Ngak visited Israel in June 2018

“The staff at Omega Tours were very organized and kind to guide us through the entire program for the trip, especially for someone like me who hasn’t been to Israel before.” – Felicia visited Israel & Jordan in March 2018

“Our tour guide is excellent, combining humour and great storytelling skills with his encyclopaedic knowledge of so much Israeli history. Awesome! Trip experience from start to finish is so well planned. Helpful advice and in-depth details is useful, especially for first-timers.” – Michael visited Israel in March 2018

“Divine trip where we encountered God’s presence!” – Ethel visited Israel & Jordan in March 2018

“I was having a very bad spinal spasm just before my trip and was healed on my third day of stepping on the Holy Land.” – Jessie visited Israel in March 2018

“Visiting Israel was a dream come true for me. Our guide was wonderful, informative, and I would say ‘the best’. Omega Tours had a wonderful team, who worked hard to keep everything running smoothly.” – Claire visited Israel in March 2018

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