Discover and see the Bible coming alive!
Tours to Israel, Jordan, Turkey & Greece available.


If you are looking for something that is different or perhaps goes off the beaten track, we will help you create the unique experience you want.


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“This Israel trip bolstered my walk with the Lord as I learnt how to seek out His still small voice, by settling my heart. Israel is politically unstable yet the presence of God is undeniably there. I want to channel this stillness and continue to pursue the Lord in greater measure as I return to Singapore and my daily responsibilities.” – Marcus Chui visited Israel in April 2017

“Good job Omega Tours! Bringing 182 people out to the land is no easy feat…” – Hui Wen visited Israel in April 2017

“Jesus Christ is risen and His faithfulness is touching me so real every breathe I took. Thank you Omega for a fantastic experience. This is a memorable trip for me.” – Shevonne Kok visited Israel in March 2017

“The staff are meticulous in their planning of covering every detail to ensure that nothing goes wrong. I am impressed by their commitment and dedication to their work.” – Simon Ho visited Israel in December 2016

“I think this trip really strengthens my faith and relationship with God as I get to know more things about Him and learn more things in the Holy Land. After this blessed trip, I can relate to things written in the Bible as I had been there before. Thank God for this amazing chance!” – Chua Ming Zhan visited Israel in December 2016

“The whole place is like a Bible theme park. My favourite spot is the Garden Tomb where the Lord was buried and has risen victoriously for us!” – Zhang Boyi visited Israel in December 2016