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Sea of Galilee
...where Jesus calmed the storm
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Tower of David
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Garden of Gethsemane

Experiencing the Bible coming alive

Be a witness to the Grace of God and His love through Jesus Christ as you visit the bible lands

Israel • Jordan • Egypt

Experience the Bible like never before as its stories and passages come to life right before your eyes. In Israel, walk where the Lord Jesus walked. In Jordan, walk the slopes of Mount Nebo where Moses was given a view of the promised land that God had promised the Children of Israel. Experience the Red Sea where Moses parted the waters to bring God's people out of Egypt. You will be filled with wonder touring the places that you have only read about in the Bible.

Turkey • Greece • Italy

See the New Testament come alive right before your eyes as you step into the richly scenic and historical land of Turkey, the lost land of the Bible. Trace Paul’s humble beginnings in his hometown in Tarsus and the growth of Antioch as an important hub to the spread of Christianity and Paul’s home base of missionary activities. Journey on into Greece and Italy where Paul continued to preach and wrote his epistles and was imprisoned in Rome.